The H-beat

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Stowed at the tuning fork of man and well beyond Folk, Soul concepts etc., here is just the "H-beat", whose magical strength and freshness are shattering.

The bi-name "guitar-voice"

The bi-name "guitar-voice" constitutes all the coherence of this new style... even to give the impression of a live orchestra. With a disconcert simplicity, Kinsy Ray knows how to place the silences as much as volumes. The fulfillment is the expression of an accomplished musician who finds his inspiration from the roots of his African childhood, in the legends of Soul music, in Gospel and especially on the human.


The ballads of Kinsy Ray, not temporal, are the real reservoirs of emotion. Devoid of leanings, his "You Must Believe" is astonishingly direct: it is the spontaneous message of an artist who talks to the heart, a key artist, at international dimensions."